The Engaging Female Leader

...Find out how you can be
totally inspiring & sought-after...

Carolyn Stevens

working intimately with ambitious
female leaders who are in a hurry
to further boost their success

How close you currently are to being a totally inspiring, sought-after leader will be revealed by the degree
to which you “rate yourself today” as a 10, 11 or 12 for each of the nine practices and behaviours in this questionnaire.

Whenever your current rating is less than 10, that practice or behaviour
will be holding you back from realising your leadership and career aspirations.

Step 1 of 10

  • As a leader, to what extent do you use proven tools and frameworks,
    rather than a hit-and-miss approach?

  • I don’t usually use proven tools and frameworks
    I sometimes use proven tools and frameworks
    I almost always use proven tools and frameworks
    I always use tools and frameworks to ensure I feel confident in dealing with anything that comes up