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"An aspect of my coaching program that I valued was the strong business (rather than pure psychological) focus.

The very specific, highly focused explorations enabled me to be a much better, more highly skilled leader."

- Dr Lynn Weekes
  Chief Executive Officer

  National Prescribing Service (NPS)

"It is not often in today’s work environment that you get the chance to focus on the most important thing for success—you. This program gave me that.

My increased self-awareness and awareness of others perceptions of me allowed me to focus on things that were essential for ongoing success.

Carolyn is caring and non-threatening, yet focussed on achieving the best outcome for you based on the established goals."

- Duncan Lilley
  Global Head, Assurance Services
  SAI Global

Are You An Already Successful Executive Who Wants To Further Boost Your Success?

I work with executives who are dis-satisfied because their performance is less than their potential.

They’re usually already doing a pretty good job, but they want to do better.

They are probably working for a medium or large organisation. Their particular industry is not important. (The fields I’ve recently worked in are biomedical, financial services, manufacturing, hospitality, I.T., marketing, medical devices, mining, office equipment, pharmaceutical and government.)

Their position titles are generally C.E.O, Managing Director, Vice President, Regional Director or General Manager, or they could be in a senior line or functional leadership role.

They’re usually based less than 40 minutes from the lower north shore in Sydney, Australia. Occasionally they’re based in other cities.

And they’re typically dealing with the following sorts of challenges…

Are you facing any of these sorts of challenges?

  • You don’t think you’re making the most of your executive leadership talents. You know you have the potential to do more than you’re currently doing. But it’s just not happening for one reason or another – or you want to make it happen faster. Your dissatisfaction could be in the people leadership area, or it could be that you’re struggling to have your team meet its performance goals.

  • You don’t think you’re bringing out the best in your people. You have some dissatisfaction with the way some of the people in your team are operating. You’re not sure how much of the problem is them, and if some of it relates to your own behaviour. Either way, you want their performance to improve.

  • You’re frustrated in your attempts to influence people to see things your way, or to take the action you want them to take. If only they’d see the logic that you see. Maybe their focus is not where you think it needs to be. Regardless, they’re not buying-in to your point of view. You want to motivate them, to persuade them, much more effortlessly.

  • You’ve found yourself in a role without the experience to handle some of the performance problems you’re confronting. It could be that it’s one or two people that you’re struggling to get to perform. Or it could be spread more widely, across your team, or even throughout the organisation. Anyway, you want them to lift their performance, and you’re not clear on how you can do that.

  • Sometimes you’d like to react differently to challenges. You need some more options, rather than relying on your tried and true responses. You don’t like it when your frustrations show. You want to confront things in a more skilled, perhaps more professional way. Possibly you’d even like to be a role model for others.

  • You’re time-poor, and yet you want very pleasing results quickly. Time never seems to be on your side. There’s always a huge backlog, and you don’t seem to be making headway. You need some help in figuring out how you can free up your time to work on the important things that will help bring about many very successful future years for your organisation.

  • You need help in figuring out exactly what are the important things you need to work on to produce rapid results that’ll help bring about many very successful future years for you in your organisation.

  • You want to be known as an even greater asset to your organisation. You’re already performing in line with, or even higher than, expectations. But you know that with some fine-tuning, your performance can be exceptional. And you’re ready to reap the rewards of this exceptional performance. You’re just not sure which bits to work on first.

The executives that I work with have a real need to perform at a higher level.

My services are not for everyone. They’re for those who realize that if they’re to create better results they need to do things differently.

They’re for senior people in organisations who are willing to invest both the time and money in order to progress—in order to feel more successful.

They’re for executives who are willing to consider alternative approaches so that they’ll produce exceptional results. They’re probably already fairly successful, and they’re ready to raise the bar and move closer to, what they consider to be, exemplary performance.

Now that you know the kind of people I work with, and the issues I help them resolve, click on this link to learn more about How I Work With Executives I Coach.

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